Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Lady Hooligan on Networking

The concept of networking is as old as man itself with cavemen letting their neighbours know where to hunt the best meat and then hunting together. And by design, a networking system is not malicious at all, because it is in everyone’s best interest if a team reaches its goals… And one gets to develop as a person, which is a bonus anyway!

I have joined a networking company two years ago. Why? Because the company is financially sound (!!!), has good products, wonderful people and has lived up to its promises. However, it is very, very interesting to see how people back away once I mention its name (I’m not going to use it here – this is not advertising!). This, to me, is extremely ironic, because my “regular work” is regarded with the utmost respect, despite the fact that my position may be redundant in a few years’ time, due to the advancement of technology.

Maybe it’s just a fear of the unknown that keeps people from exploring the full potential of networking as a marketing tool, or maybe they keep themselves ignorant in the hope that this is just another fad that will pass them by.

To me, the networking industry has had other spin-offs, not always related to “selling”… To start with, I have finally found out who I am deep inside and have made peace with the part of me that is essentially ME. Yes, other parts need polishing and pruning and cutting, but that’s all to let my inner essence shine through. And because I have developed this sense of self-worth, I no longer let myself be trampled upon by bosses, colleagues and so-called “friends”. By the same token, I have come to recognise that I also have the tendency to be abusive, albeit not always intentionally, nor maliciously.

I’m leaving for a business seminar in a few minutes, and I sincerely wish that I could bring every reader of this note along with me. Not to “sell” them on anything, but to give them a peak into my world as well. And maybe they’ll wonder why people in other “respectable” positions choose to get involved, and it’ll make them think…

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