Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Lady Hooligan on Bends in the Road

I had the dubious privilege of driving home from a friend’s place in Randburg some time ago. Dubious, yes, because it was dark, but a privilege, because it gave me time to really concentrate on the road, and think about my driving…

From Randburg to Olifant’s Neck I had to take a very windy, bendy road… It was also a road with very little traffic, so if I landed in trouble, help would not be quick to arrive…

My father passed away before I got my drivers’ licence, but he told me one thing about driving around bends. DO NOT BRAKE IN A TURN – turn the wheel into the direction you want to go, and step on the gas! I have learnt this same technique when I already had my licence, drove through a big puddle of water, and my car started to skid!

Being me, I looked for an application of this in life. And found it!

When faced with difficulties in life, it’s easy to concentrate on the situation you’re in, instead of focusing on where you’re ultimately heading. And when you land in a tight spot and feel you’re losing control, all you need to do is to find the place you want to be in, and pick up the pace towards it, even if it means a radical direction change.

It works that way in driving, and it works that way in life!