Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Lady Hooligan on NOT losing her temper…

Today I came within minutes of resigning my job. In fact, I opened this document with the intention of writing a letter of resignation, but decided to vent my emotions in a blog note instead. Much more effective in cleansing the system, and the consequences aren’t as far-reaching/damaging/permanent!

I have made peace with the fact that there are people on this planet who go out of their way to be absolutely rude to others. They’re welcome to be – they attract their own negatives – but they should stay as far out of my aura as (super-) humanly possible, lest they corrupt my own positive vibrations.

And that’s exactly what happened this morning. A comet of negativity passed by my atmosphere, sowing little negative bits into me. OK, BIG negative bits. To the point that I wanted to do grievious bodily harm to someone. And no, I’m not a violent person as a rule. Precisely because I know to what depths I can sink. I’m probably fully capable of murder when provoked enough, as are we all.

However, I have read enough to know that I am in full control of my attitudes. So while I have no control over other people’s actions and words, I have every control over my reactions to those actions and words…

The decision has been made…

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Lady Hooligan on Setting Goals

I have come to the conclusion that if I don’t set goals for myself, I can’t expect to reach any of them. For 2008 I have set out a set of 5 goals (the top 5 on the “43 Goals” list to the right!) to reach, or die trying. They are pretty basic, so I guess they can be done as well.

I am setting a challenge to the readers of this blog... Go to the site, set up a profile (it’s FREE) and set your own goals for 2008... Or maybe even more ambitious life goals. The choice is yours.

And have fun in reaching them!